Stephen A. O'Connor is an international business consultant and media entrepreneur. In the early 1990's he struck-out on an adventure to the former "Iron Curtain" countries of Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic where he ended up launching a media company that owned the weekly investigative newspapers known as the Budapest, Warsaw, and Prague Business Journals. His company was also the co-founding investor in the Budapest based, the internet's first interactive gaming platform and the web's 7th most visited site, eventually listed on the NYSE at $1 Billion. The American-style newspapers he launched focused on transparency, minority shareholder rights, entrepreneurship, and investigative business journalism. In 2004 the Hungarian Government honored O'Connor with their highest economic medal for his role in helping the transformation of the economy from command-and- control to a modern democracy. The papers were sold in the early to mid 2000's but are mostly still in print. The former editor of the Wall Street Journal Europe, Fred Kempe, once noted that O'Connor's journals were the only other media platform on the entire European continent that mirrored the WSJ's commitment to business journalism excellence.

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