AMI Newswire

AMI Newswire is a wire service dedicated to coverage of national security, politics, the economy, and public integrity. The Newswire is a division of American Media Institute, a non-profit news organization committed to keeping high-quality reporting available to news outlets.

American Media Institute, which was founded and is operated by editors from the Wall Street Journal and Reader’s Digest, partners with major news publications to provide hard-news coverage.

AMI Newswire is staffed by journalists from the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post and other major publications. All Newswire stories are reported and edited to Associated Press standards or better, with copyedit and fact checking provided by a professional and experienced newsdesk.

In addition, we operate Urban News Service.

For more information about AMI Newswire or American Media Institute, contact us:

American Media Institute
PO Box 780
Stone Ridge NY 12474

Phone: 703-872-7840
Email: [email protected]

Newswire Editor Peder Zane:
Phone: 703-872-7840 ext. 111
Email: [email protected]

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