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Colby’s Lovejoy Award, established in 1952, honors a member of the newspaper profession who continues Elijah Parish Lovejoy’s heritage of fearlessness and freedom. The recipient may be an editor, reporter, or publisher who has contributed to the nation’s journalistic achievement. Criteria include integrity, craftsmanship, character, intelligence, and courage.

The award, presented annually at the Lovejoy Convocation to a member of the news profession, was established in 1952.

1. To honor and preserve the memory of Elijah Parish Lovejoy, America’s first martyr to freedom of the press and a Colby College graduate (valedictorian, Class of 1826) who died bravely rather than forsake his editorial principles.
2. To stimulate and honor the kind of achievement in the field of reporting, editing, and interpretive writing that continues the Lovejoy heritage of fearlessness and freedom.
3. To promote a sense of mutual responsibility and cooperative effort between a news industry devoted to journalistic freedom and a liberal arts college dedicated to academic freedom.

Notable Winners


The selection committee makes its choice of a recipient on the basis of:

• Integrity, without which no news organization can function in its traditional role as a public servant.
• Craftsmanship, without which no one can succeed as a journalist.
• Character, intelligence, and courage.

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The recipient may be a journalist or publisher. It is important only that he or she be a newsman or newswoman, regardless of title, who, in the opinion of selection committee members, has contributed to the country’s journalistic achievement.

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Nominations should be submitted by March 15 to
Stephen Collins, secretary, Lovejoy Selection Committee
[email protected]

or mail to
Colby College
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Waterville, Maine 04901

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4350 Mayflower Hill
Waterville, ME 04901
P: 207-859-4350
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