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Entry Deadline February 7, 2014
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About the Award

This category rewards photography that captures the sense of a community with powerful and meaningful images and provides an understanding of the community.

Notable Winners


Jim Gehrz of the Minneapolis Star Tribune


Monetary/Material Award Details

Eligibility Requirements

All newspapers, news services and news websites in the United States are eligible to enter. Outside the United States, news organizations that are headed by an active member of ASNE are also eligible.

• All entries must have been published originally — whether in print or online - during the previous calendar year.
• News services must submit a published version of the entry.
• All entries must be submitted in English.
• The work of full-time or part-time employees is eligible.
• Freelance contributions are eligible as part of team entries.
• A ranking editor of the organization must approve the entry. A login and password will be assigned to each organization and given to the editor.

Entry Fee Details

There is a nonrefundable handling fee for each nomination entered in the competition:

News services and daily or weekly newspapers with 100,000 circulation or more: $70/category

Online-only news organizations and daily or weekly newspapers with less than 100,000 circulation: $40/category

Required Material

• Individual or teamwork will be accepted in this category.
• The images can be in black and white or color, regardless of how they were published.
• An entry may consist of up to 15 images that embody the goal of community service. Entries with more than 15 images will be disqualified.
• To establish context, PDFs and/or links to the relevant Web pages must be included in the entry. It's understood that this supporting material may include photographs that are not part of the entry.
• Each image should be submitted as JPEGs and have a size set at a resolution of 100 DPI, with a maximum dimension of 2750 pixels along its longest side. In addition, it should be stated for each individual image whether it was published in print, on the Web or both. Each image must include a caption.
• A nominating letter no longer than 500 words must accompany the entry and must be specific in explaining the photojournalism’s effect on the community.

Entry Format

No Multiple Entries: A news organization can submit only one entry in each of the nine categories.

In addition, the work of an individual cannot be entered in more than one category, with two exceptions: 1) A journalist nominated as part of a team award can also be nominated in an individual category. 2) A nominee for the Batten Medal may also be entered in another category. However, an individual will only be selected as a winner in one category.

Reprint Rights: Reprint rights are granted to ASNE by virtue of entry in this contest.

Entry Format: All articles submitted for judging must be pasted as text in separate boxes on the online form. Do not include sidebars with the main article text. A sidebar can be submitted but will be counted as a separate article for judging and must be pasted into its own box. Do not paste an entire series in one box. Each part of the series must be pasted as a separate article. If the series is longer than the maximum articles permitted for the category, you must select those parts of the series that will be judged. You may upload PDFs of an entire series, or articles as they appeared on the print or Web page as supplemental material, but only the text of the articles will be considered for judging. Photos or graphics must be submitted as JPEGs with PDFs or URLs of the pages as they were published.

Enter Online: Nomination letters and submission of entries must be completed online. Contact Cindy Roe at ASNE: 573-884-2405; [email protected], with questions about the entry process.

Contact Information

Cindy Roe
[email protected]

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