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About the Award

The nationwide contest recognizes reporters from the national and local press whose work was published, posted or broadcast in 2013 and contributed to a better and balanced understanding of business or financial topics. Winners were selected by judges from the NYSSCPA and the New York Financial Writers Association who ranked submissions on accuracy, quality and thoroughness of research.

This year’s winners will be honored during a luncheon ceremony May 1 in New York City.

Notable Winners

Book – Business/Financial:
Gregory Zuckerman for “The Frackers: The Outrageous Inside Story of the Billionaire Wildcatters” (Portfolio/Penguin) - In five years, the United States has seen a historic burst of oil and natural gas production, easing our insatiable hunger for energy. A new drilling process called fracking has made us the world’s fastest growing energy power, on track to pass Saudi Arabia by 2020. But despite headlines and controversy, no previous book has shown how the revolution really happened.

Print & Online:
Trade Press Category – News/Investigative: David Evans, Bloomberg Markets, for “Fleeced by Fees.” Even as Wall Street has found countless ways to trick and profit excessively from its customers, the fees charged by managed futures funds are outrageous by all standards— and hidden.

Trade Press Category – Features: Janet Hewitt, Mortgage Banking, for "That Other American Dream” an in-depth look at the senior management and business strategy behind Ellie Mae, a unique company in the mortgage technology field that has found a way to be a success story in the face of epic headwinds.

Trade Press Category – Opinion: Kenneth Silber, Research, for “Who’s Kidding Whom?” a piece that focused on the risks of financial advisors "living in a bubble" and filtering out adverse information about public opinion and the political climate.

Consumer Press Category – News/Investigative: Cam Simpson, Bloomberg Businessweek, for “Stranded” which follows the incredible tale of 1,500 Nepalese men as they are recruited in their homeland by job brokers who charge fees for the service, then flown to Malaysia where they’ll work at a Flextronics plant assembling cameras for the new phone. Once there, they’re stranded when Apple moves assembly to another plant.

Consumer Press Category – Features: Peter Elkind and Doris Burke, Fortune, for “Amazon’s (Not So Secret) War on Taxes,” where the pair reveal how Jeff Bezos' company successfully battled to preserve his company online sales-tax exempt status by demanding, wheedling, suing, threatening, and negotiating—and how new alliances and strategies among Amazon's enemies finally began turning the tide.

Consumer Press Category – Opinion: Dan Primack, Fortune, for “Where is Calpers’s Governance When You Need It?”, in Fortune, in this, one of his ongoing commentaries about private equity, venture capital, Wall Street, mergers and acquisitions, and other deal-related topics, Primack chides the corporate watchdog for its complicity in allowing a third-party “placement agent” to channel Calpers’s investments toward a private equity fund, all the while portraying itself as an unwitting victim.

Category – Segment Running 10 Minutes or Less: Richard Quest, CNN International - In the summer of 2013 Richard Quest travelled to Texas to investigate both the day-to-day work of fracking, and its long-term economic impact.

Category – Segment Running More than 10 Minutes: Scott Cohn, CNBC, for “Critical Condition: Saving America’s Cities,” the historic bankruptcy of the city of Detroit in 2013 was not an isolated incident. As this series shows, no major city is without at least some of the same issues that sent Detroit over the edge.

Category – Segment Running 10 Minutes or Less: Alisa Parenti with producer Tracy Johnke, Radio for “Housing on Fire: Tips for Buyers and Sellers” - As the housing market started to heat up again, Parenti and Johnke had a very simple goal: To help buyers and sellers maximize their positions in the finally-improving real estate market.

Category – Segment Running More than Ten Minutes: Gordon Deal, Wall Street Journal This Morning, 16-day segment series decoded the government shutdown’s impact on real people, the economy and business.


Winners were selected by judges from the NYSSCPA and the New York Financial Writers Association who ranked submissions on accuracy, quality and thoroughness of research.

The 2014 EFJ Awards judges - from the New York Financial Writers Association and the New York State Society of Certified Public Accountants - included: Allen Liebnick, Cynthia Krom, Richard Hecht, Joel Lanz, Richard Koreto, Steve Foley, Terry Wooten, Elliot Hendler, Alan Weiner, Leah Spiro, Rick Kravitz, Scott Adair, George Victor, Lydia Trepelkova and Rumbi Bwerinofa.

A panel of members from the NYSSCPA and the New York Financial Writers Association will review and judge entries on:

• Accuracy, quality, originality and thoroughness of reporting;
• The ability to communicate a balanced understanding of the topic;
• Examining a significant and complex subject with depth and context.
• Award winners will be notified within six weeks of the March 1 competition deadline to allow winners to make advance travel arrangements to attend the 2014 EFJ Awards program to be held in New York City May 1.

Monetary/Material Award Details

Crystal trophy, a major awards program in NYC with an audience of leading business and finance writers.

Eligibility Requirements

All original entries must have been published, broadcast or posted online by a U.S.-based news organizations during the contest year of January 1 through December 31, 2013. All entries submission must be completed - via the online submission process only - by March 1, 2014.

Persons, other than the author, may submit entries in accordance with the rules of the competition. All entries in the Student category must be submitted by a faculty member or a student enrolled in a U.S. college or university and work published by a news outlet associated with that school.

All entrants must create an account - creating a user name and password - by clicking the link to the category you wish to submit to. You will need that information to login, return to edit, add more entries and payment of fees. Submit all entries before accessing the payment page to check out.

Entry Fee Details

Required Material

Please complete the appropriate award application below and upload your submission as a Word, PDF, jpg, mp3, wmv, mp4, FLV, mov, RM or web or video hosting URL. Print entries must be at least 500 words in length. Television and radio entries must be at least 45 seconds and up to 10 minutes in length.

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