Accepts entries starting November 1, 2015
Entry Deadline February 10, 2016
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About the Award

The Charles E. Scripps Award for the Journalism & Mass Communication Administrator of the
Year is given in collaboration with the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass
Communication (AEJMC). Nominee must have provided vision and leadership for the field
through creativity and excellence in administration. The award is given for a distinguished career
or exceptional leadership in a specific assignment with far-reaching impact.

Notable Winners


Monetary/Material Award Details


Eligibility Requirements

  • Entries must be for work originally broadcast, published or presented online during 2014 by a media outlet based in the United States or its territories. International media outlets eligible if they meet this requirement.
  • Entry rules are category specific; general rules apply to all categories.
  • Every entry must include a nominating or cover letter. The letter should state who is to be notified if the entry wins and include that individual’s daytime phone number, e-mail address and street address (no Post Office box number).
  • If submitting the same entry in more than one category, the title submitted on each entry must be identical.
  • Depending upon the category, entries may be submitted for work by staff member(s) and/or freelancer(s) whose work was published, aired or distributed by television and radio stations, cable systems, commonly owned radio and TV groups and cable systems, newspapers, magazines, online publishers, webscasters, news services, news organizations, syndication services, production companies and program services.
  • The same work may be entered in more than one category but may win in only one category. A separate entry must be prepared for each category because each category has its own panel of judges.
  • An individual may enter multiple categories and win in multiple categories but not win more than once for the same work.
  • Collaborative efforts must be clearly stated with credit accurately attributed.
  • A small-market newspaper has a circulation of 75,000 or below; a small market TV or radio station is in a 51+ market as determined by DMA ranking; a small market online site has fewer than 200,000 visitors per month.
  • Newspapers must publish three or more times weekly; this rule does not apply to other media outlets.
  • A network, syndication or program service is an organization that programs for multiple markets.
  • CDs and DVDs must be formatted for cross-platform use (PC/Mac).
  • Audio files should be in mp3 format.
  • Video and audio entries should include scripts. Do not include advertisements.
  • An entry submitted in a language other than English must include a complete printed translation and all video must be dubbed or subtitled in English.
  • Supplemental or supporting material, including social media, should advance the entry and must be clearly marked. This includes follow-up reports and feedback, testimonials and results. It does need to have originated during 2014.
  • Any material corrections or retractions following the original distribution of the work must be submitted and labeled as such. WHEN SUBMITTING .

Entry Fee Details

No entry fee is required for these categories:

  • Distinguished Service to the First Amendment
  • Journalism & Mass Communication Administrator of the Year
  • and Journalism & Mass Communication Teacher of the Year

$50 entry fee per entry for all other categories.

If you are not charging your entry fee(s) using our online entry site, check the box on the entry form that indicates you will be paying by check. Print a copy of the online award confirmation and include it with your check. Write the confirmation number on the memo line of your check. If you have multiple confirmation numbers write how many entries you are paying for on the memo line and attach copies of the corresponding confirmation forms. Checks should be payable to the Scripps Howard Foundation.

No fees will be refunded for any reason, including over-payment.

Payment must be received for the entry to be judged.

Required Material

Entry Format



  1. All entries should be submitted on our online site with the exception of entries that contain a file that exceeds 50 MB, which may be linked to a third-party site or sent to us by mail (see instructions below).
  2. If submitting material on a live URL, make sure it can be viewed using a standard web browser. Entrants must take responsibility for its off-site functionality.
  3. URLs must be as brief as possible.
  4. If submitting material as a PDF, put the entire entry into one file starting with the nominating letter. You may submit multiple PDFs if the entry is large.
  5. Sites and links should be accessible until April 1, 2015.


  1. Be sure to check the box on the online entry form that says you are submitting your entry by mail.
  2. Entrants must complete the online entry form, print the confirmation and include it with the disc(s) that are being mailed.
  3. To print your online award confirmation, complete the payment and checkout process; click on the “Your SHA Award Entries” tab and select the entry you will be mailing to us; click print.
  4. Label the disc(s) with the category, title of the entry and the confirmation number.
  5. Protect disc(s) with sleeve(s) and attach to the entry.
  6. Entries should be postmarked by Feb. 10, 2015 and mailed to: Scripps Howard Awards, Scripps Howard Foundation, 312 Walnut St., Cincinnati, OH 452029

Contact Information

Jennifer McGill, AEJMC,

Sue Porter, Scripps Howard Foundation, 513-977-3030 or 1-800-888-3000 ext. 3030

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