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Entry Deadline February 2, 2015
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Monetary or Material Award (See Details)

About the Award

Honors in-depth coverage of a single event or issue that is national and/or international in scope.
Must have been broadcast or distributed online by a television or cable network, television station
or group of stations, syndication or production company that produces programming primarily for
broadcast use. Entries will be judged on general excellence, depth of reporting, quality of
storytelling and resourcefulness.

Notable Winners


Monetary/Material Award Details


Eligibility Requirements

This award recognizes an individual or a team; may be staff member(s) or freelancer(s). Collaborative work between or among news organizations is eligible but attribution
must be given. Commercially sponsored programs are not eligible unless the content is produced and editorially controlled by the news organization.

Entry Fee Details


Required Material

Work must have originally been distributed in 2013 and must be entered as
presented (with exception of advertisements). Supplementary material must be clearly marked.
Include script(s).

Nominating or cover letter must include a description of the entry, objective, how the objective
was met and the results, if any. Be sure to include the name of the person who should
be notified if the entry is declared a winner or finalist along with their contact information: phone
number, e-mail address and mailing address (not a post office box number).

Entry Format

The form will ask for distribution dates; instead of providing each date simply
enter the first and last dates the entry appeared.

Submitted text should be in PDF form, rich text files (.rtf) or simple text (.txt). No Word
documents (.doc or docx) files or Open Document (.odt) files. If you are submitting a portion of
the entry as one PDF, be sure the nominating or cover letter appear first. If the entry is large and presenting it as one PDF makes understanding its context difficult, enter multiple PDFs.

Entrant should upload video and enter URL(s) on our online entry site. Video file(s) (50 MB
maximum per file - not per entire entry) must be one of the following formats: .wmv, mpeg or
.mp4. All audio files should be in mp3 format. Online material must be available on a live URL
that functions on a standard web browser. Judges see the titles of the digital files. Keep that in mind when naming your documents. It makes your entry easier to find and remember if you
reference its topic or your media outlet’s name in the file’s name. Please do not name it “SHA
entry” or similar variations; this will not distinguish your entry.

MAIL-IN OPTION: This option is intended for an entry that has a file that exceeds the 50 MB
per file limit and is not linked to a third-party site. Entrant MUST complete the entry form on the awards site, print the confirmation form, and include it with the submitted DVD or CD formatted for cross-platform use (PC/Mac). Audio files should be in mp3 format. Label the disc(s) with the category, title of the entry, and the confirmation number

NOTE: Our competition offers one entry site with fields that ask for information that may not
apply to your entry. When you encounter this fill the field with "does not apply" so that the
system will permit you to move to the next step.

Contact Information

Vice President/Programs, Scripps Howard Foundation
PHONE: 513-977-3030
EMAIL: [email protected]
MAIL: 312 Walnut Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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