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Entry Deadline February 10, 2014
Decision Date
Ceremony Date June 1, 2014
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About the Award

This category recognizes the exemplary use of images (still photography, video, charts, graphics, illustrations) to amplify visual storytelling. The imagery should be essential to the reporting in order to explain, enlighten or educate the reader/viewer/user about contemporary business, financial or economic topics. The images and accompanying text, voice track or sound, can appear in any media. Print, online and broadcast are eligible.

The Gerald Loeb Awards were established in 1957 by the late Gerald Loeb, a founding partner of E.F. Hutton. His intention was to encourage reporting on business and finance that would inform and protect the private investor and the general public. As the most prestigious honor in business journalism, distinguished journalists and outlets nationwide submit entries to the competition.

Tips for Winning:

Judging of entries is based on:
• News Value: insight, informative qualities and durability.
• Originality and/or Exclusivity: enterprise and discovery.
• Reportorial Quality: thoroughness and balance.
• Writing Quality: clarity in dealing with description, concepts, findings and complex issues.
• Analytical Value: application of current economic thinking, breadth and depth of coverage, contribution to helping readers see complex issues in a new light.
• Production Value and Visual Impact: (where applicable).

Notable Winners

"Interactive Graphics," by Ford Fessenden, Tom Giratikanon, Josh Keller, Archie Tse, Tim Wallace, Derek Watkins, Jeremy White, Karen Yourish, Shan Carter, Hannah Fairfield, Alicia Parlapiano, Mike Bostock, Amanda Cox, Matthew Ericson, Kevin Quealy, and Josh Williams, The New York Times


A committee of preliminary judges, consisting of business, financial and economic journalists and faculty members of UCLA Anderson School of Management, is assigned to each competition category. These committees review all entries and select finalists in their category. Judges may change the category in which an entry is submitted if, in their opinion, it more appropriately belongs in a different category.

A diverse and distinguished panel of final judges, representing major print, broadcast and online outlets, meets and selects the winner in each category from among finalists submitted by the preliminary judges. The final judges will also review the nominees for the Lifetime Achievement Award and Lawrence Minard Editor Award, and choose a recipient for each award. The dean of UCLA Anderson School of Management chairs the panel.

Monetary/Material Award Details

Eligibility Requirements

Print, online and broadcast are eligible

- Any writer or commercial publication may enter a submission on a subject related to business, finance and/or economics.
- Any broadcast program or series is eligible, covering a single topic or subject.
- Consideration is limited to items/elements published or broadcast in the United States during the previous calendar year.

Entry Fee Details


Required Material

Each submission is limited to a maximum of five (5) elements, including individual article(s), broadcast segments (television, radio, or online video), online elements, visual elements, blogs, photos, etc.

- Individual authors may submit a maximum of two (2) submissions.
- Authors with joint bylines may submit a maximum of three (3) submissions.
- Each outlet is limited to two (2) submissions per category.
- The same submission may only be entered a maximum of two (2) times, once in a platform neutral category (Neutral Group) and once in a platform specific category (Specific Group).
- Any significant challenge to the honesty, accuracy or fairness of an entry in any category, as well as responses to the challenge, should be included in the submission. Published letters of complaint, corrections or retractions are examples of items relevant to the judging process.

Entry Format

1 - Each submission shall consist of no more than five (5) elements for each Neutral Group category.
2 - You may choose to have elements of the same type or combine types of elements in your submission.
3 - Element types, for the Neutral Group, are as follows: individual print article(s), video/audio segments (television, radio or online video), digital print, online or visual element, blog or photo.
4 - Supplemental (unpublished) material will not be accepted.
5 - All print, digital or online elements of the submission must be submitted in a single PDF file.
6 - Additionally, working URL(s) for all online and video/audio elements must be included in the fields provided on the submission form.
7 - For video/audio elements, each organization/submitter is required to "host" their own video or audio elements and provide working URLs to a webpage where the embedded video/audio will play.
8 - The first page of your PDF file should include a Cover Letter for the Judges.
9 - The second page of your PDF file should be a numbered List of Elements and their active URLs (if applicable) included in your submission.
10 - Any significant challenge to the honesty, accuracy or fairness of an entry in any category, as well as responses to the challenge, should be included in the submission. Published letters of complaint, corrections or retractions are examples of items relevant to the judging process and should be noted in your Cover Letter or List of Elements and included in your submission.

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