Accepts entries starting
Entry Deadline January 8, 2016
Decision Date May 15, 2016
Ceremony Date July 22, 2016
Entry Fee (See Details)
Monetary or Material Award (See Details)

About the Award

Any program telecast by cable, network, or individual television stations. Also eligible are original video webcasts. Companion websites may be submitted as part of entries.

Notable Winners


The Color of Conscience: Human Rights in Idaho
Idaho Public Television
Marcia Franklin, Producer/Writer/Host
Jay Krajic, Videographer/Editor


Monetary/Material Award Details

Eligibility Requirements

Entries must have been published between January 1 and December 31st of the prior year. You MUST indicate all co-producers or co-publishers, if any, involved in the development of your entry. Non-English-Language entries accompanied by an English transcript are eligible.

Entries cannot be previously submitted for the Silber Gavel Awards - unless they are substantially revised and represent new releases or editions.

Entries should be on a single subject or issue or otherwise address a cohesive theme.

Entry Fee Details


Required Material

All book entries (with 5 books each) must be submitted “hard copy” by mail to the ABA.

Actual entry materials in all other categories may be submitted either online or “hard copy.”

Hard Copies
If submitting “hard copy,” include five copies of actual entry materials (e.g., books, articles, DVDs,CDs). In addition, you must attach white cover pages, clearly visible upon immediate inspection, for all actual entry materials sent “hard copy.” The cover page should clearly include the following: (1) the 4-digit (e.g., 01-111) entry number assigned to your entry when you submit online (email confirmation to awards contact); and (2) the entry title, as submitted.

For all newspaper or magazine entries, legibility is essential, even if this requires “hard copy” entry formats larger than 8-1/2” x 11”. To facilitate entry, special published reprints of original articles may be submitted.

For “hard copy” entries in the documentary, television and video-based drama and literature categories, submit 5 DVDs. Radio and other audio-content entries submitted “hard copy” must be on CDs. Clearly mark title, airing information, and running time and delete all commercials, long lead-ins and breaks.

Items necessary to complete the online entry form:

• Contact information for all “key creative personnel” (up to five)

• Key entry data (title, release date, audience, length or duration, public access to entry)

• Entry abstract/summary (3000 character maximum)

• Supporting information (up to 10 pages optional, one pdf ready for uploading, emailing, or
linking to URL)

• Single files of actual entries, only if being submitted via upload or email

• URLs to actual entries, only if being submitted as online links
(up to three allowed, entrants are responsible for hosting their media)

• Upon submission of your Online Entry Form, you will receive a confirmation email, which
includes information on payment options for entry fees. If paying by credit card, have this
information available.

• If you choose to pay entry fees online, you will be redirected to PayPal. You may either pay
with an existing PayPal account or click on Don’t Have a PayPal Account? for credit card and
new PayPal account options.

Entry Format

Note currently accepting entries.

Entrants have three choices for submitting actual entry materials electronically:
uploading, emailing, or linking. Actual entries less than 10MB may be
(1) uploaded or (2) emailed as a single file. Actual entries may also be submitted using the
Online Entry Form as (3) linked URLs.

The ABA strongly prefers that you consolidate each entry submitted to be accessible via one URL, but no more than three per entry are permitted.You may link to actual entries, especially audio or video, uploaded to a hosting site such as YouTube or Vimeo. If your linked entry is password protected, please provide the password where requested on the entry form. Passwords will only be shared with ABA Silver Gavel Award reviewers. All links must remain publicly accessible throughout the review period (January 8 – May 15, 2016).

Contact Information

321 N. Clark St., 20.2
Chicago, IL 60654
312/988-5733 (phone)
312/988-5494 (fax Attn: Gavel Awards)
[email protected]

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