Accepts entries starting
Entry Deadline January 30, 2015
Decision Date April 30, 2015
Ceremony Date
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Monetary or Material Award (See Details)

About the Award

The Lowell Thomas Award is offered among 21 other awards through the Overseas Press Club of America. It will be given for the best radio news or interpretation of international affairs.

Notable Winners

Craig Welch And Photographer Steve Ringman The Seattle Times Sea Change: The Pacific’s Perilous Turn


Head Judges have the discretion to move an entry to another award if they feel that the entry is submitted in an inappropriate category.

Monetary/Material Award Details

All award winners receive a certificate and a $1,000 check.

Eligibility Requirements

Annual awards for INTERNATIONAL COVERAGE in Newspapers, News Services, Websites, Magazines, Radio, Television, Cartoons, Books, and Photography. Work must be published or broadcast in the U.S. or by a U.S.-based company or be accessible to an American audience during 2014. All award applications will be entered online. Only categories with books will send a hard copy to the OPC office.

Entry Fee Details

Each entry is $200, and payable via PayPal, credit card or check made out to the Overseas Press Club of America. A corporate check coming from a different source must clearly indicate which entry it underwrites.

Required Material

Entry Format

Print: Upload all materials, including permanent web links to the work that will be entered for judging, into a PDF document (8-1/2" x 11" paper size). Do not send additional materials to the OPC office. One organization may submit up to five entries per award. Multiple entry fees can be paid with one payment.

New this year: Books can be submitted only for the Olivier Rebbot award and the Cornelius Ryan Award.

Radio: Upload broadcast-quality MP3(s). Do not send CDs or DVDs to the OPC office. Title uploads by award name, nominee's first initial and last name and entry number (eg: dine_jdoe_1.mp3).

Television:  Include a link to your work making sure that it does not require a password to view.  The video may reside on any server, personal or corporate, or on a free service like where the video privacy settings are checked as “unlisted” so they are not available in a search query but are viewable to those with a link. Read more about uploading videos longer than 15 minutes on and where to update video privacy settings. Required specifications: .MP4 format, 1080p: 1920 × 1080 or 720p: 1280 × 720, HD, H.264 video codec, AAC audio codec, 384 kbps audio stereo stream

Photos: Upload high resolution photos to the contest website. Do not send DVDs or CDs to the OPC office. Title the uploads by award last name, nominee’s first initial and last name and number the jpgs, for example: rebbot_jdoe_a1.jpg

Send no more than 12 images (images 10 inches at longest dimension, 300 dpi, JPEG) with captions for each image in a separate Word Document and also embedded in the image IPTC information or description field. In addition to photos, you must submit proof of publication. Scan and create a PDF from a newspaper tearsheet, magazine article, book or website link. Upload everything into one zip folder: images, Word document, proof of publication in PDF and IPTC information.

Once you have completed the form, you must continue to the checkout pages for your application to be submitted for judging. Do not begin to fill out this form until you have all of the information for the award(s) that you are applying for and are ready to select your method of payment.

Contact Information

Patricia Kranz

Executive Director of the Overseas Press Club of America

40 West 45 Street

New York, NY, 10036

tel: 212-626-9220

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