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American Media Institute produces the kind of thorough, thoughtful journalism readers want and your business needs. We promote web traffic, build links and boost the citations that drive readership, reputation, and revenue for your business. Our multi-media and PR resources direct all traffic to a permalink on your website. We heavily promote stories via social media and link building supported by aggressive, in-person networking. We support the stories we give you with aggressive promotion on radio, television, online, social media and with subject matter thought leaders.


Meticulously Fact-Checked Articles

We love a good story and follow where the facts lead us. Our reporters have decades of experience working for major news outlets and are highly regarded experts in their fields. Every word is fully documented and fact-checked by veteran editors. Every source is verified. Every sentence is scrutinized by our legal team. Our stories conform to AP style.


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Improving the Economics of News Gathering—Profitable Investigative Journalism

Our mission is to create a new business model to achieve a timeless goal. A free press is essential to accountability, justice and democracy, but changes in technology are changing the economics of journalism. Our new approach seeks to preserve journalistic integrity while it helps to generate the profit that makes good journalism possible. We are supported by groups and individuals who share these deeply-held beliefs and steadfast commitment to independence. America Media Institute is a non-profit investigative news service driven by the principle of the fearless pursuit of the truly important stories that you can be the first to break.


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How American Media Institute Stories Work for You

A one-year subscription gives you and your readers to access exclusive scoops and must-read stories.

Subscriptions are $1.00 per year for an unlimited number of stories and your subscription renews automatically unless canceled in writing. You are never under any obligation to publish any story and may reject stories for any reason.

You will get complete and ready stories that have been fact-checked by American Media Institute’s independent editors and conform to AP style.

Stories are presented to you on an exclusive basis for your right of first refusal. You have 24 hours to consider each one and are under no obligation to accept them.

A single editorial point of contact within your organization will be named by you and will be empowered to accept or reject American Media Institute’s stories for publication and to speak on behalf of your organization. We understand that stories may be assigned to another editor or editors for editing or preparation for publication.

Your publication is granted exclusive Serial Rights for the stories you select and publish for 48 hours from the moment of first publication (either online or print, whichever comes first). After this window of exclusivity, we then have the right to sell or transmit the story to any other entity, in any format whatsoever, worldwide, including rights to television, films, plays, radio, online dramatizations or serializations.

We fully expect American Media Institute’s news stories to go through the same editorial process you use for wire copy and other news. When required, we will review your edited copy for factual and related errors.

We provide you with all supporting documentation and source verification.

Stories will be credited to American Media Institute like wire copy is credited in your publications, i.e., in the byline of the story that American Media Institute provides, for example: “By [author’s name], American Media Institute” or, in the alternative: “By [author’s name], American Media Institute.”

We welcome your additions to our news stories, with credit according to your usual practices for the work of your employees, stringers or other contractors in that news story, provided that American Media Institute is credited as outlined above.

Stories you accept must appear in both print and online editions in the news section.

Published stories must have a permanent link on your Website that is maintained indefinitely.

In order to better analyze and evaluate the impact of our stories and to continually improve the product we provide, you are required to provide American Media Institute with information from your website and content management system regarding the traffic and demographics for those reached by our stories. We treat this data as confidential and proprietary never disclose it to any outside party.


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