2015 Fall Semester Internship 2015 Fall Semester Internship


Location Orlando, FL
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Part Time
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Full Time
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Contact Information 1800 Pembrook Dr # 400, Orlando, FL 32810 (407) 919-1000


The CBS Radio Internship is designed for students interested in careers in radio broadcasting. The objective is to provide students (Undergraduate and Graduate) with hands-on real world experience in the industry. Students will gain kNowledge and experience in a variety of radio broadcast functions.


Qualifications: Interested individuals should work well independently as well as in a team atmosphere and have interest in radio broadcasting. Able to interact with the public in an enthusiastic and professional manner.


Under marketing & promotions, students will gain experience in market research, promotional campaigns, on air contesting, social media, public relations, sales, and major event production. Under production and programming, students will gain experience in basic commercial production/editing, copywriting, voice work, video content, market research, public relations, and in-studio participation. Students will move across all functions based on the needs of the station. This is a paid internship experience.