Acquisitions Editor of Contemporary Feminist Activism Acquisitions Editor of Contemporary Feminist Activism

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Fabulously Feminist is a digital magazine that uses intersectional feminism as a tool to give people a voice. We are a community of dedicated contributors and passionate passers-by. We are all about sharing stories and experiences, talking about art and culture and exchanging ideas.

All members of the Senior Staff must be driven, self-starting and independent. Excellent interpersonal, communication and creative thinking skills are highly valued.

Job Purpose Summary: To provide strategic direction for the Fabulously Feminist publishing program, specializing in content related to Contemporary Feminist Activism. To develop and manage relationships with contributors, series concepts, leverage repackaging opportunities of existing content and assist in the proposal submission and consideration process.

Scope: The Acquisitions Editor of Contemporary Feminist Activism will manage a number of Contributors generating content on Contemporary Feminist Activism, as well as actively conduct outreach to Feminist Activists and Organizations for new leads and potential features. They will be responsible for the effective representation and exploration of Contemporary Feminist Activism on the Magazine.


KNowledge Very strong sense of contemporary culture, trends and potential niches Very strong computer skills Publishing and acquisitions experience Market data analysis is an asset Bachelor’s degree in communication, social sciences or related field is an asset Secondary education in Feminism, Women’s/Gender Studies or Related Field Skills Outstanding oral and written communication skills Ability to juggle multiple projects at various stages of development, while maintaining a big-picture strategic view Excellent management and leadership capabilities, ability to work well with a team Strong partnership-building and networking skills Ability to balance the Contributor or Partner’s wishes with the Cooperative’s goals for quality, timeliness and market appeal Ability to organize material in a way that is tailored to the target audience


Key Responsibilities: Work with Senior Staff to set and achieve publication goals, guidelines, criteria and schedule Effectively maintain publication schedule via G. Calendar Schedule publications sufficiently in advance to allow for appropriate development Develop proposals, consider solicited and unsolicited submissions and solicit proposals to meet acquisitions goals and deadlines Ensure submission guidelines are up to date Catalog submissions into G. Drive database as they are received Communicate with prospective contributors throughout the entire process: AckNowledge submissions in a timely fashion and forward to appropriate Senior Staff member when necessary Assess submissions based on Fabulously Feminist criteria established with Senior Staff Get more information from prospective contributor or further research when needed Manage rejections, acceptance process in a timely, respectful manner Oversee acquisitions process so that the path from lead/contact to publication is both thorough and efficient Participate in developing publishing strategies including digital publishing and ancillary product components Research competitive contributors and suggest opportunities for contemporary feminist activism content Keep abreast of market conditions, trends and needs through interaction with consumers and industry professionals, reading industry print and digital publications At all times effectively represent Fabulously Feminist in a professional manner and be an easily available liaison with existing contributors, potential contributors and consumers Provide well-thought-out, strategic and invested feedback to contributors designed to aid in their process of discovery and development Work effectively with contributors and the Creative Director to develop the look and feel of each contribution Attend all Senior Staff meetings, submit and lead agenda items as necessary