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Suavv Magazine was originally started to offer Black men something other magazines for men don’t–reality. Because Black men’s lives are about more than rims, jewelry, rap music and half naked video girls. That isn’t to say Suavv doesn’t have the same adoration and aesthetic appreciation for women as the other magazines (as we show with our regular Suavv Seductress’). But we believe a magazine’s editorial content should stimulate Not just the loins, but also the mind. Over the last couple years Suavv has altered its mission to include Not just Black men, but urban men as a whole, and we will lead magazines into a new generation of journalistic excellence.

The Suavv man is confident and sophisticated with an affable charm. He enjoys life, for all its complexities and pleasures. he is as respectable as he is smooth and is a leader to those around him.

Suavv Magazine reflects all aspects of the lifestyle of the contemporary, urban man and his many dimensions: mental, physical, social, and spiritual. We are for the active and affluent urban man and the number one choice for any sophisticated, young, urban male.

Suavv features cutting edge, well-written stories that are entertaining as well as insightful. Suavv also features interviews with some of the country’s most captivating people. Its contents include music, television, literature, fashion, politics, sports, relationships and health, just to name a small few.

The Suavv man wants to look good and feel good about who he is while carrying himself with pride. Our mission is to encourage readers to aspire to do and be bigger things. Suavv readers should feel motivated and inspired to make changes, Not only in themselves, but also in the world around them. WE want our readers to be able to achieve everything the mind can possibly imagine.

Available year-round.


- Working towards a Bachelor’s degree in journalism, public relations, English, business communications, or communication arts. - Strong organizational and communication skills with keen attention to detail and problem solving skills - KNowledge of MS Office applications, especially Word, Excel, and PowerPoint - Experience/interest in Web maintenance - Familiarity with Adobe In Design and Adobe Acrobat is a plus


- Assist with editorial projects and provide support to the Managing Editor. - Proofreading both hard and electronic files, basic copyediting, and writing of proposals and reports; - Assisting with or proofing of basic ads, flyers, brochures, invitations, etc. - Assisting putting together feature and other stories - Work on special projects, as needed