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We are looking for an enthusiastic and talented audio/video production and copywriting intern to support the recording, editing, and production of content leading up to the event. We are currently conducting industry interviews with professionals and entrepreneurs in the fashion space to get their take on the most relevant and prevalent challenges of their day-to-day, or bigger picture, responsibilities. These will be communicated to the community and conference audience leading up to the event, to get the conversation going before we even take the stage. This way we hope to really dig deep, and walk away with some meaningful, actionable ideas.

Depending on the type of interview (they vary from Skype/Google Hangout capture, to in-person recording, to written submission) and the best end use, they may be integrated into different formats: short video, audio podcast, or interview transcription/write-up. The pieces will be used on our blog and in our marketing communications and social media, and should reflect the values behind PioneerMode. We are interested in someone who has Not only technical recording and editing skills, but also a journalistic ability to parse out the most meaningful conversation elements, and pull them together into cohesive, thought-provoking finished products. This is a part-time internship.


QUALIFICATIONS - Pursuing or have a degree in communications, journalism, filmmaking, digital media, or related field (or equivalent experience) - Familiarity and experience using video and audio editing software (Note: we don't currently have professional software so ideally you already have a computer equipped with Premiere, Final Cut Pro, or similar application) - Comfortable setting up and using a video camera, audio recorder, etc. (Note: we have only "prosumer" equipment so you may choose to use your own gear) - Personal interest in: fashion, techNology, design thinking, entrepreneurship - Knack for visual and verbal storytelling, strong communication abilities - Attention to design details and overall presentation, with professional execution - Collaborative attitude - Ability to manage time and project deadlines APPLICANT CONSIDERATIONS - After looking through the website (, what interests you about PioneerMode? - What do you hope to gain from this experience? - What unique skills do you bring outside of what's on your resume? - Where do you go for great video content/inspiration? - Does your school give credit for internships or independent study? - What camera gear and editing software do you use/have? - What is your availability? - Are you willing to travel to on-site visits within the New York Metro area for content interviews?


- Set up shots for optimum lighting/audio/composition - Record interviews and b-roll footage (stills or video, as applicable) - Prepare templates for publishing content, including intro/outro/credit graphics - Source royalty-free music, if applicable - In collaboration with our team, identify the most relevant and engaging topics, sound bites, and points of view from within the interviews - Edit audio, video, and graphics into publishable content - Write copy for blog posts, including transcriptions and original content/introductory text for interviews