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Contact Information Customer Support Email: [email protected] Mailing Address: 1327 Grandin Ave. RoaNoke, Virginia 24015


Hello, we are expanding our I Love Basketball Brand:


to a new blog:

Tagline: Don't just live it, breathe it.

Meaning to BREATHE Basketball.

We are looking for a journalism major with a passion for basketball whom will write daily
articles about NBA and College basketball experiences, as well as write and edit articles in
regards to training videos we create.

A kNowledge of basketball is a must. A kNowledge of basketball training is a benefit but
Not necessary.

At last check, we will send over 500,000 unique visitors a month to the blog and counting, so
viewership and credibility will be developed fast.

A full-time role may develop as well.

Available year-round


Journalism background. Portfolio of articles written A passion for basketball. Skills Preferred - Journalism


Daily articles (300-1000 words) about the basketball world like NBA plays, rumors, college drama, etc. Edit articles created by our basketball coaches and trainers. Create "video recap" articles that are entertaining, informative, and seo friendly.