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Practical InNovations U.S.A., Inc. Practical InNovations U.S.A., Inc.

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Throughout this internship you will be tasked with researching and writing blog posts for our company blog and its international readership, writing content offers, developing brochures as well as a few other types of writing along the way. You will be given specific tasks that will allow you to develop both professionally and personally. Your writing should reflect your previous training combined with the online training modules we require you to take.

Practical InNovations U.S.A., Inc. is dedicated to bringing creative solutions to everyday problems faced by millions of consumers worldwide. We are focused on developing products that make everyday life easier. We are currently working on bringing creative, tested, and proven solutions to multiple consumer goods industries.
In life there are leaders and there are followers. Leaders are visionaries who see a world unkNown to most. Leaders envision a world where problems are systematically solved through inNovative processes. We believe in both leadership and inNovation; we further believe in leadership through inNovation. Simply put, we are a group of leaders who believe in leading by example through developing inNovative processes.

We are located in South Florida, amongst the palm trees, sandy beaches, and waves crashing ashore.

We will design high-quality, inNovative, proprietary products that are affordable. We will make our customers' lives easier through our products. Our products will be easy on the eye. Our products will have one or more functional utilities. Our products will solve a need.

We will be passionate about each endeavor we embark on. Our passion will show through the quality of our work and customer service. We will take pride in helping the independent inventor take an idea to the next level. We will take pride in helping businesses advance through our service.

We will put the customer's needs first. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We will have the best interests of our customers at heart in every project we work on. We will Not take on a client if we feel the relationship will Not be mutually beneficial.


Applicants should have experience in writing, moderate research skills, and pay close attention to detail.