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The mission of SwagHer Magazine’s Get SwagHer Approved Internship is to expand SwagHer Magazine's writing department while also creating a creative and inNovative yet educational experience for college students, particularly those with an interest in mass communications, public relations, and journalism.
SwagHer Magazine is an online and print empowerment publication for women of color. We promote entrepreneurship, health and wellness, self love, and positivity.
Note: Please visit our site at first and observe our brand culture before applying.

Available year-round.


Google email address PayPal Internet Phone Professionalism Organizational Creativity Confidence Honesty Friendliness Good communication Ambition Experience with Windows/ Pages, Excel/ Numbers, and PowerPoint/KeyNotes Familiar with Photoshop/ InDesign/ Quark Xpress KNowledgeable of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram


Students will be responsible for three areas: Networking Networking is an important part of this internship. In order to find prospective clients/advertisers and opportunities to pitch to clients, interns must first build relationships with businesses and brand owners. Public Relations Building up the SwagHer Magazine brand is a key to success. We must seek as much exposure for the magazine, as we seek for our clients, so that their advertising with us is beneficial to their business. As an intern of the magazine, one is also a representative, so if opportunities present themselves to attend events or receive perks, they are welcome to do so, as long at they carry themselves respectably and professionally. Blogging Blogging is the biggest part of this internship. As we are constantly looking for fresh, entertaining news and inspiration. For those looking for a chance to build up their portfolio, this is a great opportunity to collect interviews with the movers and shakers in today's industry and have their work read on various platforms. Not interested interviews, we are looking for gossip/ entertainment/ celeb, beauty/ fashion and fitness bloggers too! There's opportunity for a little of everything and plenty of growth.