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Location Miami, FL
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Contact Information Address: 3650 NW 82nd Ave Suite 203, Miami FL 33166 Email: [email protected] Phone: +1 305 979 3622


About our Company
Chrome Red Corp is a Marketing Firm established in 2008, specializing in Consumer Marketing, Custom Website Design, Social Media Management, and Video Production. Please check us out at

Internship Opportunity
We're in the mist of an exiting new project. A 24hrs Online TV Channel that will feature the latest trends and news related to sports, entertainment, social media, etc... This venture creates experience opportunities for students in the arenas of Broadcasting, Journalism, Film, Acting among others.

Roles Available
Have you stop to think who and what makes a TV show happen? Writers, Producers, Photographers/Videographers, Designers, Editors, On Air Talent, Etc... Ideally our interns will rotate through various stages of the process to gathered more rounded experience.

Available year-round.


Previous experience with video editing and graphic design software is a plus but Not required. For On-Air talent, social media following (Likes/Followers) will be taken into consideration. Although personality will also heavily weight on the decision making process.