Communications Intern Communications Intern

Feeding Children Everywhere Feeding Children Everywhere

Location Longwood, FL & Orlando, FL
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Contact Information 830 S Ronald Reagan Boulevard Unit 142 Longwood, Florida 32750


This role is crucial for keeping the community informed while spreading the FCE Movement through social net- works, media, campaigns, websites, blogs, etc. There are opportunities to develop skills in professionalism, media relations, writing skills, branding and marketing.

All interns help empower and mobilize volunteers at Hunger Projects across the United States. Hunger Projects are large, high-energy events, where hundreds to thousands of volunteers assemble healthy meals for hungry children.


You'll Thrive in this Position If: -You've got the gift of gab: Excellent communications skills -You're professional in all your ways: written, verbal, presence -You've been around the block: experience in press release writing -You're preferably an advertising & public relations, communications or marketing major -You've got some writing samples to show off your skills (required) Application Deadline: ASAP


First and foremost, empowering, mobilizing, and connecting with PEOPLE! -Writing content for blogs, website, and print materials -Creating social media content -Writing press releases & contacting nationwide media outlets -Researching social media trends, top stories, etc. -Brainstorming marketing ideas/concepts -Leading hunger projects