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Location San Francisco, CA
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Contact Information (415) 762-9097 [email protected] 901 Mission Street San Francisco, CA 94103


The California Prevention Training Center (CA PTC) is a nationally funded organization charged with delivering training and technical assistance for health departments, community organizations (NGO), and health care organizations in a variety of health-related issues. We are increasingly developing more online courses, audio recordings, and videos, and updating our website to address the current state of health provider capacity building. This position would assist with the design, development and production of online course offerings in a variety of modalities and formats, and provide suggestions for website re-design and updating, and assist in the development of a marketing strategy and plan.


Qualifications: Looking for an individual who has working kNowledge of various e-learning modalities, techNologies, and programs including but Not limited to Adobe Connect, Storyline,LMS/PMS systems, video and audio production, and other e-learning strategies. We would also like an individual with Website design experience, to assist with re-design and updating of our current website. Expertise in branding and marketing preferred.


Potential Projects: Website redesign maintaining brand recognition Marketing strategy and plan development Promoting Fee for Services Training Project management of video and online training course development Project management to develop interactive informational web page suites for various audiences Educational material development Enhancing social media presence and impact Database development and maintenance Grant management/fiscal management Key Words: Adult Education Information TechNology Education, Training and Library Database Graphic Design Graphic/Visual Arts/Multimedia Marketing Product Development Public Health Software Support Web Design