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Writers we have a passion for communications and journalism. Those who are able to tell a captivating story to Not only catch the attention of our readers, but to also engage them in a conversation. We want them to be able to relate to the story and to share it with others.

We also urge writers to become familiarize with our website and how we report our information. We attract those who are looking for something different than the rest.

Those who we are looking for:

General Writers: Those who are able to report on a variety of different topics or have interest in a particular topic (s). Our qualifications are basic as follows:
*Must be at least 18 years of age.
*Passionate about writing
*Consistent and communicative
*Able to work independently
*Laptop or computer with internet access

Broadcast Reporters: Those who have an outgoing personality, very charismatic and can articulate well. These days videos are EVERYTHING! People are becoming more visual and videos will drive more people to our site as long as the interviews are INTERESTING, INFORMATIVE and ENTERTAINING, but Not too over the top. To be considered for this position you must:
*Have you own camera with recording capabilities (good quality)
*Be able to upload it and share it to a dropbox file or as a Google Drive Document

Social Media Intern: We need someone who is very SEO savvy and who is a social media pro that can drive more fans to our Facebook page and followers to our Twitter and Instagram pages. You will be granted as an administrator role where you will be able to upload content to our pages, engage people in conversations and update our readers on what’s new and what’s to come.

Celebrity News Researcher: We need someone who can gather news on what our favorite celebrities are doing via their social media accounts. Our goal is to grab a photo, tweet or Facebook update on them within an hour of them posting it so that we can formulate a story/update from it. We want to be one of the firsts to report this information. Our celebrity news will be like ‘Hot Off the Press’ news. This researcher can also pull tweets and status on recent Global news headlines.

*Please Note, all positions are unpaid right Now. The byline and photo credits (if you take them) are you compensation. Plus, you will gain experience to add to your resume and portfolio.

Please send resume, bio, position of interest and writing samples to [email protected], or fill out the form below.


1. Laptop with internet capability 2. Effective communication 3. Camera (if covering events) 4. Video camera with HD capability (BROADCAST INTERNS ONLY) 5. GREAT time management 6. Passion for journalism and communications 7. Passion for entertainment and lifestyle 8. 18+ over