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Designing Your Dreams Designing Your Dreams

Location Austin, TX
Start Date 7/15/2015
End Date 1/15/16
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Part Time
Part Time
Full Time
Full Time
Pay Rate
Contact Information [email protected]


The Copywriter intern will be instrumental in assisting with the development of content for publicity material and proofreading /editing the existing content.


-Must be enrolled in college -Must be an excellent writer -Expert in proofreading and editing -Must be open-minded, a fast learner, enthusiastic and adaptable. Self-starter with problem solving skills. -Must posses creativity, flexibility, variety, and growth potential -Must display personal accountability and respectful Skills Required - English, English Composition, Journalism, Business Journalism, Creative Writer, Content Creation


-Produce written communications on behalf of Designing your Dreams, including (but Not limited to) email campaigns, blog posts, press releases, as well as advertising, web, and other marketing materials. -Edit existing content to adequately address the target market of the company -Create new content as necessary