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Jungle Jungle

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Jungle develops products, companies and ideas in urban settings. Our projects range in size and complexity, with the goal of developing two companies yearly. and We are looking for interns to take a significant role in helping us roll out our newest media product, focused on short-form copywriting & journalism. Interns will act hand-in-hand with leadership and will be expected to take ownership of their daily responsibilities to help our start-up grow.

Available year-round


A desire to work in a nimble, start-up environment and the ability to be self motivating. Copywriting examples and/or a journalism portfolio are a plus. Must have a passion for helping great companies grow. Skills Preferred - Copywriting, Digital Copywriting, Digital Journalism


The intern will be expected to research the most important news topics of the day and distill the information into short-form copy. Interns will work hand in hand with leadership and their work will be shared widely to the public.