Digital Intern Digital Intern

Everywhere Agency Everywhere Agency

Location Atlanta, GA
Start Date 8/31/2015
End Date 1/31/16
Application Deadline 8/21/15
Part Time
Part Time
Full Time
Full Time
Pay Rate
Contact Information (404) 228-4100


Everywhere is a full-service social media and marketing agency based in Atlanta.

Our Internship Program is for qualified candidates who are willing to devote a minimum of 12 hours per week Monday to Friday to our firm. Though the internship is unpaid, we do allow a $10 lunch stipend per day during the internship and the option of school credit for those who need it. Our interns get experience in all aspects of social media. We don’t just send our interns to the copy machine, instead we provide them with solid opportunities to participate (under our tutelage) in projects as diverse as research, social media audits, blogger and twitter outreach. If positions are available, we may have an intern-to-hire program. We pride ourselves on the fact that through our internship program, we are developing a qualified group of candidates who get a solid grounding in social media marketing and PR.


Include a copy of your resume with an email answering the following questions: 1. Why are you interested in social media marketing? 2. When would you be available to start? 3. Which days of the week can you devote to our internship program? 4. Which social channels are you using Now? 5. Do you read blogs? If so which blogs do you read and why? 6. Links to your social platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Linked in, Blog – if applicable) Visit for more info.