Editorial Fellow (PRINT) Editorial Fellow (PRINT)

mental_floss magazine mental_floss magazine

Location New York, NY
Start Date
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Part Time
Part Time
Full Time
Full Time
Pay Rate $12/hr.
Contact Information Jessanne Collins ([email protected])


Company Description

mental_floss delivers an eclectic, educational mix of fascinating stories, addictive lists, and entertaining quizzes across a variety of platforms, including a National Magazine Award鈥揘ominated print magazine (published 9 times a year), a website that sees 10 million visitors a month, and a YouTube channel with more than 1 million subscribers.

Job Description

mental_floss magazine is seeking an Editorial Fellow. This is an incredible opportunity to learn the ins and outs of print magazine publishing first-hand by joining small, hard-working, fun-having team.


WE ARE LOOKING FOR SOMEONE WHO IS: 路 an excellent writer, who innately understands the mental_floss tone and sensibility 路 a creative, thorough, and self-sufficient researcher鈥攁ble to come up empty-handed in a Google search and still, heroically, find the information aNother way! 路 incredibly attentive to detail, proactive, and excited to learn new things 路 passionate about print and the types of stories we tell at mental_floss To Apply TO APPLY SEND US A NoTE THAT HELPS US GET TO KNoW YOU BETTER. (SEND US YOUR RESUM脡 TOO.) Email Jessanne Collins ([email protected]) TELL US: 路 What was your favorite class or subject in school. What fact sticks with you from it? 路 What skills and prior work experience do you bring to this position? 路 Why do you want to work on a print magazine? And why mental_floss? 路 What are three stories you鈥檇 like to write for us?


Primary responsibilities include brainstorming, pitching, and writing stories; conducting copious amounts of research; and helping with a variety of print production and administrative tasks. The position pays $12 an hour, and is based in our midtown Manhattan office. We require a commitment of three days a week for a minimum of 12 weeks.