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Location Portland, OR
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Contact Information 2240 N. Interstate Portland, Oregon 97227 503.922.2110 [email protected] [email protected]


We expect: A demonstrated willingness to learn, self-starting “jump-right-in” attitude and appropriate time management. This includes being on time for shifts, fulfilling the required time commitments, and adhering to all deadlines assigned to the intern by the Publisher/Supervisor. In addition, we will conduct weekly check-ins with you to ensure that you are grasping the required information and learning at a pace that is appropriate to you. We also expect you to ask questions when they arise – about anything! This internship is very hands on in that we may ask you to write an article or fact-check. We do want to ensure that you are asking questions whenever something arises so that you feel comfortable with the tasks being assigned to you.


An Editorial Intern will be brought on to assist our publishing and creative firm with the production of the annual and bi-monthly magazine. This position is reserved for undergraduate and/or graduate level interns who are actively taking classes to fulfill a degree and/or major that relates to the field of print publishing. Credits must be earned by the student for completion of this internship. As the internship supervisor, we will work with you to ensure that you credits are being met. This will require ongoing and steady communication on the part of both the Publisher/Supervisor and the intern. This Editorial Internship position requires a base/foundational kNowledge about the publishing field and basic skills in copy editing, proof-reading, making substantive copy changes, editorial research, adhering to deadlines, and writing. The Editorial and Research Intern will be expected to use a variety of platforms related to project management and publishing, including but Not limited to: Basecamp, InDesign and WordPress. This internship will be in-person will Not be able to be completed remotely. You will be provided a desk, computer and ample workspace at the Artslandia office. As an intern, you will report directly both the Publisher or the Associate Publisher, as both will be serving as your internship supervisors for the duration of your assigned internship. As an Artslandia intern, we consider you to be as much a part of the team as any other paid staff member. The main distinction is that this position is solely a learning position. The Publisher/Supervisor will be working with you to ensure that your learning objectives are being met during the internship and that you have completed your learning objectives by the end of the contract.


• Improve skills related to the print publishing industry, including skills related to copy editing, fact-checking, production timelines, and article writing. • Strengthen her baseline kNowledge of software related to the publishing field, including InDesign, Basecamp and WordPress. • Learn the editorial process of magazine publishing by attending staff meetings and shadowing the Publisher and/or Associate Publisher on daily, monthly and weekly tasks. • Become proficient in fact-checking and researching for magazine publishing, specifically related to the field of performing arts in Portland (music, dance, theatre). • Develop interpersonal skills by conversing with colleagues and point of contacts on the phone and through email in order to fact-check for the publication.