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Contact Information 2 Oliver Street, FL2, Boston MA 02109 617.206.3040


Brafton is seeking fall interns to work within our News & Editorial department in an effort to customize their training and path forward at Brafton. Under the direction of Brafton’s Production Managers, our interns will develop and cultivate a dynamic and invaluable skill set that will serve them well across a variety of professional publishing and marketing sectors. They’ll be guided through nearly every aspect of modern news and content production, including lead gathering; story generation and production; editorial policy; time management; AP style review; peer editing and client communications.


Seeking talented writers and analytical journalists who are eager to develop a strong foundation in the tenets of news and content writing while cultivating a working kNowledge of the industry. Field of study: writing, publishing, journalism, communications, or similar Minimum GPA of 3.0 Weekly Time Commitment: Minimum 15 + hours per week, ideally one day must be a full 8 hours in the office. Class: Are sophomores/juniors or above (Graduate students are welcome and encouraged to apply) Un-paid internship: available for course credit


Week One: During the first week of the Brafton internship program, interns are stewarded into the world of professional publishing. The early days entail news policy training - via presentations, documents and exercises. Students shadow senior writers and editors, contributing to various projects that entail a wide variety of business and news writing. Week Two and Beyond: When we feel confident that our interns have a comprehensive understanding of our policies and best practices they’ll be assigned to work on live accounts in a support capacity. Interns will receive continuous constructive feedback at all levels of the news content writing and publishing process. Goals of the Brafton Internship Program: In addition to introducing interns to the world of online news and content and providing them with published works to be used toward their professional portfolios, we’re committed to thoughtfully shepherding students through their first experiences in a professional work environment. From newsroom etiquette and professional deportment to the basics of workplace communication, our program aims to provide interns with the tools and skills they’ll require to successfully navigate the workplace and further contribute to the field.