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Location New York, NY
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Contact Information Lale Arikoglu ([email protected])


The New York Observer is New York’s premier weekly newspaper. For the past two decades, the paper has captured a loyal readership through its witty, irreverent and opinionated coverage of New York politics, society, media, publishing, real estate, and arts and culture. The newspaper is published every Wednesday by an editorial team led by Ken Kurson.

The Observer has published many of the nation’s top journalists, critics and essayists over the years, including Joe Conason, John Heilpern, Rex Reed, Andrew Sarris, Robert Gottlieb, Simon Doonan, Ron Rosenbaum, Frank DiGiacomo, Jim Windolf, Michael Lewis, Francine Prose, Philip Weiss, Joe Nocera, Susan Faludi, James Cramer, Peter BogdaNovich, Warren St. John, Jason Gay, Nick Paumgarten, Alex Kuczynski, A.J. Jacobs and David Foster Wallace. In the mid-1990s, The Observer published “Sex and the City,” Candace Bushnell’s column on Manhattan’s social life, on which the hit television series was based.

The Observer’s website, Observer.com, is updated throughout the day, with original reporting and analysis that consistently make national news; the newsroom also runs sites on politics, culture and real estate.

Job Description

The Observer’s newsroom boasts a unique and tightly knit culture that benefits from both the energy and fearlessness of young reporters and as the experience and wisdom of editors. Interns are integrated into this environment and into the weekly production cycle of the paper, where they have the opportunity to gain invaluable reporting and general newsroom experience. When the paper is on deadline, interns are charged with fact-checking articles as they move from writer to editor to copy desk to production. When Not on deadline, interns are encouraged to become acquainted with editors and writers, get involved in longer-term projects, and do their own reporting and writing for the paper and online.


Please submit a resume, cover letter and three writing samples to Lale Arikoglu ([email protected])