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Sports Media Network Sports Media Network

Location Northeast Region
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Contact Information http://www.sportsmedianetwork.com/contact/


Network WANTS YOU! We are currently offering internships in talk programming, music programming, sports programming, sales & marketing, finance, talent relations, promotions, music production, IT, and public relations.

Network is committed to offering students an opportunity to join our various departments as part of our summer, fall, and spring internship programs. We are always looking to identify talented individuals for possible future employment, while at the same time providing students with valuable real world, corporate experience. Students interested in our program have lots of exciting options.


You must be 18 years of age or older. Academic credit is optional, however, student must be enrolled in a U.S. based college, university or trade school. All positions are paid. You may also still receive academic credit if you choose to apply for credit. Please do Not call us. Qualified applicants will be contacted.