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Pay Rate Each visualization will earn the original creator $20 USD.
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Capsidea is a start up data visualization tool that is perfect for data journalism, blogs, and other public uses of data visualization. Although Capsidea is primarily used as a business intelligence tool, we want to let the public kNow how it can serve their journalism needs

This is a freelance position in which you will create infographics, using Capsidea, about any topic that you wish, share them on social media, and help Capsidea to enter into the public mind as a tool in their toolkit. You can work from home, at your own pace, and use the opportunity to bolster your own blogs and portfolios. Each visualization will earn the original creator $20 USD.

Available year-round.


Capsidea prides itself on being a tool for Non-technical users. No prior coding experience is required. The visualizations themselves, however, will need to measure up to a certain level of completion. They can be on any subject that interests you so long as it is reasonably relevant. Topics include, but are Not limited to, sports, ecoNomics, world news, politics, the rich and famous, etc. Below are links to a few data visualizations that would be acceptable and have reached the required level of polish. Notice that each of the dashboards also contain text. Although these contain mostly news-like summaries, you may also input personal opinion and analysis to make the visualization more interesting if it is appropriate. Once you have created the dashboard, you will need to share it on twitter (@capsidea) and also post it to the /r/dataisbeautiful subreddit.