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Contact Information ROOSTERGNN Global News Network Calle Juan Bravo 58-60. E-28006 Madrid. Spain. +34 911 287 235. [email protected]


ROOSTERGNN Global News Network is a Non-profit news agency that promotes freedom of expression, journalism education and independent journalism.

ROOSTERGNN Global Journalism Internships can be completed from any location.

So, you want to be a journalist? Now is your chance.

Students choose to contribute to either a RGNN Channel (Gobernanza, InNovation, Espectaculart, Glamour or Olympus), or a DECA (GapBrave, MADbudget or New York).

The Journalism Internships are open to writers, video reporters and camera men. Content can be created in English or in Spanish.


There are two modalities for Internships:

– one, Extended Global Journalism Internship: six (6) months.
– two, Intensive Global Journalism Internship: three (3) months.

Students must meet the following Editorial Program:

Publication. For Extended Global Journalism Internships, publish one (1) article per week in English or Spanish in the selected RGNN Channel or DECA, a total of twenty-four (24) articles to complete the Internship Program. For the Intensive Global Journalism Internship, students commit to publishing two (2) articles per week, a total of twenty-four (24) articles to complete the Internship Program. In the case of videos, for both Extended and Intensive Internships, publish twelve (12) videos throughout the Internship Program.

Editorial calendar. Each student will propose eNough topics for article to put together an editorial calendar that will cover the student’s publications for the entire Program.

Gain prestige. Students will share links to their articles on social media, in order to increase the audience of their publications.


Portfolio of published work. At the end of the Journalism Internship, students graduate with a portfolio of published work.

Certification of Journalism Internships. Those students who have met all requirements of the Program, in terms of regularity and publication, can request a Certification.

Letter of Recommendation. Journalism Internship Certifications are accompanied by a Letter of Recommendation that will include the merits achieved during the internship.

When applying, please select one RGNN Channel (Gobernanza, InNovation, Espectaculart, Glamour or Olympus) or one DECA (GapBrave, MADbudget or New York). In your application, please include three (3) ideas for content, based on the Topics of Interest suggested by ROOSTERGNN.

The updated version of the program will be available at