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Description is well, the most amazing website on the earth. If you love surfing the internet looking at stupid stuff, why Not learn the business side of it. How to market, promote on social media. There are many aspects to So Much Amazing. You can write movie review, scrounge the internet for pictures and videos, do a fantasy "which Super Hero would win in a fight" article, think a website like the Chive or Cracked. We're in that realm of nerdy entertainment but obviously different. Mostly, this is a writing internship and you'll be guided along the way with how to improve as a writer. You'll work directly with an editor one-on-one to make sure you thrive in the best possible journalism environment.

Here are just some of the things you can do (Remember the audience is 16-30 year olds with a nerdy side, whether it's a closeted nerdy side or Not):
-Movie/TV/Video Game/Comic Book/Music Review
-Rewind - discuss the impact of something (movies, tv shows, etc.) from 10 or so years ago in today's context
-Lists - Top 10 Movie Villains, 10 best songs by whoever, 10 awesome summer meals
-Vs. - Who would win in a fight between The Green Lantern or Antman, or who would be a better President during a disaster Morgan Freeman from Deep Impact or Jamie Fox in White House Down
Columns - advice, love, what ever (generally I want to avoid celebrity Gossip because it's hard to be consistent with it)

Have I peaked your interest?

Available year-round.


An enthusiasm and desire to learn and ability to listen.


You get out of this internship what you put in. I'll work with you every step of the way. There are No true requirements or responsibilities because I feel it is up to you to have the desire to learn and grow. I guide you but you pick what you want to do.