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Location New York, NY
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Contact Information [email protected]


Are you a student with some coding chops and an interest in the news? Spend your summer with the interactive news desk at The New York Times, an agile team of developers working in the newsroom.


Prospective interns should have experience with some of the following techNologies and an eagerness to learn more while adapting them to the news. Semantic, standards-driven web development and design, looking toward HTML5 and CSS3 on all devices Web frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails or Django JavaScript libraries, such as jQuery and Underscore, and frameworks like Backbone.js; or, CoffeeScript Data collection and analysis using APIs, web scraping, MySQL, MongoDB, etc. Creating maps and charts with tools such as the Google Maps API, Protovis, D3.js, Raphael, etc. You should already be familiar with one or two front-end or back-end languages and frameworks and have a project or two outside of class that you can show us to demonstrate that you’re able to take something from concept to completion.


You will work alongside developers, designers, and journalists of The New York Times to build Web applications for enterprise packages and special-events coverage, as well as breaking news. Your work will be published on and may contribute to The Times’ open source initiatives. Interns in 2011 released Fech, which helps journalists make sense of campaign finance data.