International Journalism Internship International Journalism Internship

Global Peace Foundation Global Peace Foundation

Location Lanham, MD
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Contact Information [email protected]


Opportunity to work for an international Nonprofit in the Washington D.C. area with a mission to build sustainable peace and development. GPF has service projects around the world including Kenya, Malaysia, Paraguay, Nepal, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Projects address areas of environment, character education, interfaith collaboration, community-development, and other areas.

As an intern you will get the unique experience to connect with our chapters in Kenya, Malaysia, and other areas and gather their unique stories. The job duty primarily consists of creating and editing stories that come in from our 15 chapters and making them engaging. If you have an interest in photo editing there is some opportunity for that. You also have the chance to create newsletters and engage in brainstorming ways to engage new audiences.

Training will include an introduction to the organization, tips on editing stories, teaching how to post on our website, teaching how to create newsletters and tips on editing photos.

Position can include flexible hours (minimal 12 hours/week) at our Lanham office and/or remote location. Flexible start date depending on applicants availability.

Available year-round.


Please send your best 2 writing samples to [email protected] Preferably send pieces that are essays, articles or blogs (Not a research paper). Excellent Writer 3.0 gpa + Photo editing skills preferred


You will be responsible for communicating with 2-3 offices around the world. Gather stories, photos and videos from these offices. Edit the stories heavily and at times create stories--put your creative twist and style. Discuss with the chapters on how they can improve their articles and make them more engaging and appealing (what additional information or types of photos should be captured). Edit photos to be posted on the websites. Create newsletters. Post on the website. Engage in communications strategy meetings at times.