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Contact Information 8033 Sunset Blvd #841 Los Angeles, CA 90046 (323) 362-6282 General Inquiries: [email protected]


Internship with a highly trafficked Los Angeles based online lifestyle magazine. Check us out at Our office is located in Hollywood Hills however you can work remotely. Very flexible hours! Duties include attending events and writing articles on your experiences, article posting of pre-assembled articles, public relations, and calendar updates. Must be willing to learn from written procedures. Possibility for future employment. Casual office setting.

This job has No salary, only academic credit but offers many perks such as tickets to concerts, plays, theater, ballet, opera, film screenings, film premieres, fashion show attendance with front row seats, restaurant reviewing, salon reviews, travel, cruises, as well as opportunity to cover charity parties, regular parties, club openings, restaurant openings, and social happenings in L.A. etc. This is also a great opportunity to build or expand your writing portfolio.

So you’re interested in the communications industry, magazine publishing, and writing for a publication. You realize that having an internship can be a useful source of experience, and a valuable asset to your resume. But you’ve heard the horror stories too, and bringing your editors their hourly cups of coffee while mopping the bathroom floor simply doesn’t appeal to your ambitious drive! L.A. Splash Magazine will have you do None of those things – as an intern here, you will be directly involved in article writing and publishing, and finding new events to post and write up. Everything you do at L.A. Splash makes a difference, all the effort you put into your work improves the quality of the magazine, and everything you learn here can be applied to all your future communications endeavors. In short, you can get your feet wet without getting your hands dirty.

When you start as an intern, we will teach you from detailed procedures explaining how every task is performed. We encourage our new staff members to feel comfortable and ask questions, so that we can improve our procedures and make the teaching process that much smoother for everyone in the future. You will attend events and write articles to be posted with your own byline, post calendar events, deal with public relations contacts and check and respond to emails. If you are taking the internship for school credit, you can tailor your work week to fit in as many hours as you need. If you are just doing it for the experience, your hours are totally flexible and up to you. The L.A. Splash office has a relaxed, casual environment that makes staff members more than coworkers – we’re all friends, too! If you are interested in becoming part of the L.A. Splash team, send us an email. At this time, we are only accepting inquires via email. Please send personalized cover letter and resume in body of email, Not as an attachment.

We can’t wait to hear from you.

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Available year-round.


We need DEPENDABLE, cultured, talented people with great writing skills to do this assignment as freelance journalists.


You would be responsible for the following: ARRIVE ON TIME, attend the events you choose, write a review of the shows you attend, and POST YOUR ARTICLES ON TIME (This includes manipulating the photos we will get from our own photographer, or pictures you take if you want to or we will get pictures from the PR people.) The articles are due within a couple of days of the actual show. The PR people for the event usually provide press releases so it is Not difficult to write the review. Think of it as if you are telling a friend what you thought about a particular designer and the facts are provided by the PR people. You will be taught from our exact procedures how to post the events and reviews to our website yourself. Your articles will be seen by more people in the world who are reading about fashion online than any other publication!