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Contact Information Mailing Address: PO Box 670 Urbana, OH 43078 Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 5:30pm - 9:00pm Toll Free: (844) Tru-Chat (844-878-2428)


TrueChat Inc. is a digital media company that specializes in Radio and online Journalism/Reporting. We air talk radio shows on topics from sports and politics to pop culture and entertainment. Our company is privately owned and operated because we believe in true journalism where our journalists have the power.

Every person on staff has a specialty, but we all work outside the box to deliver news, discussion, and entertainment to our audience of over 90,000 people.

This position is the same as any of our regular staff writers. All your submissions will go directly to our managing editor and/or our editor in chief to be reviewed before posting. Your articles will be posted online next to all of our other articles. In addition, you may be asked to call into one of our radio shows as a guest if your article is relevant to the topic and is of outstanding interest.

Available year-round


Our interns must have completed introductory communication and/or journalism courses to qualify for this position. In addition, you must possess outstanding written communications and an ability to learn new material quickly. Skills Required - Article Writing, Investigative Reporting, Investigative Research, Basic Computer Skills Preferred - Amateur Photographer, Exceptional verbal


You will serve part-time, delivering at least three stories a week at a minimum of 600 words per story. We want you to primarily cover your area of interest, We won't force someone who kNows Nothing about sports to write sports. You will be required to conference with your managing editor or the editor in chief at least once every two weeks to discuss your progress. This position is self driven. You will have three submission deadlines per week, but we don Not require you to spend a certain amount of time writing or researching. We expect high quality articles, from high quality writers.