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Crain Communications Inc. is looking for a motivated, news-savvy intern with excellent social media skills and a strong sense of entrepreneurship to help launch a new project. Candidates must be comfortable in a fast-paced environment.

At its core, this is a 21st Century journalism job which values enterprise, creating connections and developing new approaches to offering quality stories.

Experience researching businesses and analyzing social media data is much desired. Candidates should be readers of national and local media and have proficiency in crafting messages on platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.



Top candidates would ideally have some experience in: • Writing stories across a variety of beats with efficiency • Creating social media lists with tools such as Radiant 6 • Uncovering newsworthy stories on business and national beats from websites, social media and other publicly-available sources of data • Setting up meetings and overcoming collaborative logistics • Reading analytics and reacting to lessons learned from them • Closely collaborating with journalists, web developers, graphic designers • Working independently, within a team and collaborating with upper management • Creating and sharing new, creative ideas internally • Setting an editorial calendar, to anticipate trends and upcoming events/anniversaries/etc. • Writing high-value headlines and SEO proficient