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Contact Information Robert W. Lebovits, Ph.D., Principal (412) 848-8297 [email protected] Gérard S. Meyer, Ph.D., Principal (412) 418-3622 [email protected]


Let me tell you who we are, and what we are looking for...

My partner is a well-kNown cognitive psychologist with private practice in Pittsburgh, Pa; I am former President & CEO of Carnegie Mellon DTSI (Living Laboratory specialized in Decisions under stress, Driving Safety & other Human Factors aspects. Over five years ago we launched together, Best Minds Associates ( with a Vision to develop an efficient positive way to durably change and Not only wish to change. BMA created MindFulChoice™ a Holistic & Metacognitive transformational method to attain a successful living by developing an attitude that primarily focuses on Attention & Non-Impulsive thinking. MFC is Now taught to Mental Health professionals, Educators and students.

We have five sections: MFC DiagNostic, MFC Therapy & Delivery System, MFC Pedagogy, MFC Self-Help, and Consulting.

We share our inNovative technique through counseling one-on-one, teaching seminars, webinars and workshops, books, and videos.

We want to share as much of MindFulChoice™ with the most peoples, and therefore we to constantly improve our tools and expand our communication.

We are looking for ambitious and very capable a young (but mature) energetic individual that is motivated of bringing his /her skills Not as intern but as real assistant to the principals. You can cooperate with us from wherever you are, because we are used to working daily via video conferencing with our clients and team members.

If your work is excellent, we can assure you of a great visibility, because our cutting-edge psychological method is generally much acclaimed.

Available year-round.


Journalism and Public relations communications, KNowledge in Public speaking, Motivational speaking, coaching, Skills Required - Broadcast Journalism, Business Journalism, Community Journalism, Entertainment Journalism Preferred - Engaging Public Speaker, Public Relations, Public Relations Skills, Strategic Public Relations Planning, Coaching, Mentoring


To become the assistant to principals for broadcasting an inNovative way to change...