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Journalism Intern is expected to consistently keep up with the latest trends and inNovations in the arts, the journalism world, and other relevant aspects of culture. Data and information from research will be collected based on relevance to what the intern is told to focus on. They will also be working closely with the Gab+Ab team to learn to use journalism as a way to create a positive, professional image for the company.

Available year-round.


An ideal candidate will be enrolled in an undergraduate program and possess excellent written and oral communication skills. Detail-oriented, organized candidates with the ability to prioritize and multitask will be most successful working within our company culture. We are looking for self-starters with a keen interest in global cultural events and a passion for productivity. We want our interns use outside-of-the-box thinking to ensure maximum efficiency when executing projects, implementing systems and creating strategies to execute each task at hand. Interns must have previous part-time or full-time employment experience in any field and be able to earn academic credit for the internship placement. Candidates will be required to provide their own laptop computers & mobile smartphones to complete all tasks as needed should they be offered an internship placement.


Intern must have a broad kNowledge of what is going on across the globe, in regards to both the political world and the art world. Interns should be comfortable sorting through large amounts of information in orders to weed out exactly what they’re looking for. KNowledge of basic journalistic rules regarding mechanics and interviews, as well as how to properly construct a traditional news article and/or press release, are vital. Interns are also expected to follow orders with ease and work efficiently under the pressure of deadlines.