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Cultura Animi Cultura Animi

Location Brooklyn, NY
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Contact Information 163 N 6th st Brooklyn, NY


The mission of Cultura Animi is to recover, research, collect, preserve, interpret, teach and promote kNowledge and appreciation of the rich, ancient and various cultures around the world. Through educational programs, communal and public dialog, collections, exhibitions and other initiatives, we engage and serve participants of varying ages, interests and walks of life to be a part of the projects. Moreover, our cultural project poses historical and current sociocultural, political and ecoNomical paradigms as a framework and foundation for thought and practice directed toward addressing the critical issues of our time and finding solutions to ameliorate these issues. Thus, our work is to extend the invitation and challenge to kNow the past and hoNor it; to engage the present and improve it; and to imagine a new kind of future and forge it in the most ethical, effective and expansive ways.

Available year-round.


- Political Science, International Studies, Business, Social Studies. Anyone who has international and cultural backgrounds. Skills Required - American English Preferred - Oral Communication, Self Motivated


- Assist in the company Culture Book. -Collaborate with other team members on the Culture Book.