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Location Chicago, IL
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Contact Information [email protected]


SRGMF is a consulting firm designed to help brands manage their ideas in a smart and inNovation fashion. We are driven to guide clients toward the effectual realization of their goals by leading them in the direction of obtainable success. Our company uses pioneering step-by-step systems that help any startup or current entity better understand their brand, while strengthening their approach by discovering new means of marketing and promotion.

SRGMF is looking for a Journalism intern to work with it's various client list. This internship is a learning experience rooted in real time work situations. This position is designed for someone aspiring for a hands on internship, that gives them a chance to work directly in their field at a internship level. Our company is growing by the day, and we are looking for driven, intelligent and independent individuals who are looking for a chance to work directly in the field they are interested in.

Available year-round.


The ideal candidate for this internship will demonstrate all of the following traits: • Resident of Chicago • Hold a degree in/ pursuing a degree in Journalism and/ or have extensive kNowledge of/ experience in journalism • Ability to communicate information effectively, creatively and concisely in written and verbal form • Genuine interest in emerging topics of Chicago culture, such as music, trends or business • Entrepreneurial spirit and desire to learn about journalism in a practical, hands-on setting • Commitment to deadlines • Familiarity with AP Style


Will be discussed in phone interview