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Location London, England
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Part Time
Part Time
Full Time
Full Time
Pay Rate $4,939
Contact Information [email protected] 718-878-6393


Get a head start on your career by developing professional skills abroad. The Intern Group's internships are perfect for recent graduates who are looking to start their career with an international adventure. In our program, you will gain valuable new experiences as you team with top professionals in London’s influential ecoNomy. An international internship will give you the jump you need for your future. Stand out by showing your initiative and ambition. Take this opportunity to discover the business hub of Europe. Explore the West End, Covent Garden, Tower Bridge and many more famous landmarks that make London one of the most popular hotspots today!

Our programs take place all year round and last between 6 weeks and 6 months - duration is your choice, starting from $4,939. You start your journey when you like and for the length of time that makes most sense for your professional and personal development.

We are partners with and place interns in some of the most prestigious organizations in London including:

•Proud Galleries
•G&D Events
•Bean Partners
•Zzizzi Media
•Biteback Publishing
•Dance United
•Fraser Real Estate
•Orangina Schweppes