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Sex, News and Rock N Roll is a new online magazine. The website is under construction, and the reporter/intern in this position is invited to contribute ideas to the web design. SNRR will have the spirit of Rolling Stone magazine and will cover music, politics, pop culture, social justice, government corruption, and judicial misconduct. We are seeking students who are interested in investigative journalism and getting to the real truth. This is a chance to be an honest and true journalist rather than be a part of the corporate owned media that feeds propaganda to the public with fake news. We are looking radicals, rebels and activists.


-A journalism major is preferred but other majors are welcome. -Must understand and be up to date on current politics and controversies. -Must be a good writer. -Must be creative. -Must be resourceful. -Must be dedicated to finding the truth. -Must be able to adapt to change, overcome obstacles and leave No stone unturned. Skills Required - AP style writing


-Research subjects matter to support content. -Work with our private investigator to get facts. -Fact check all items that need verification. -Conduct interviews. -Write articles for -May be some video work involved. -Come up with story ideas.