Journalism internship for PR Firm Journalism internship for PR Firm

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Location New York City, NY
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Contact Information (877) 432-2762 (US toll free) 800-032-2377 (UK toll free) 1-410-267-7306 (Direct)


This company welcomes students and aspiring writers and/or ones who are just starting out their passion and interest in writing. Specifically, we are seeking journalist/Bloggers for our online News, Fashion & Lifestyle, Beauty, Business, Sports and/or TechNology content writers/contributors and editorial assistants. They are looking for a creative, passionate writers with a strong interest and kNowledge of one or more of the above mentioned areas .In this role, you will be in responsible for writing and/or editing all daily assigned contents, as well as contributing to other writing projects as needed.

Ideal Candidate: Research and write daily, relevant and on-brand content stories and features for the publication . Be responsible for updating the content daily, and be the last pair of eYes Collaborate with marketing, PR and creative teams to develop, maintain and implement editorial calendars. Collaborate on content ideas, best practices, and optimization. Monitor competitors on a regular basis to ensure that all content remains unique. Represent the brand off- and online in the wild world of fashion & lifestyle editorial. Develop relationships with writers, bloggers and brand-relevant content creators. Take on additional company projects as needed. Exceptional writing and editing skills. The ability to collaborate and also work independently when needed Excellent attention to detail and follow-through. Must have the ability to meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.


How to Apply: Global Experiences makes the process of securing an international internship as simple as possible. The application process is important so that our team can provide you with eNough information to help you make informed decisions about an internship with Global Experiences. By completing three easy steps you will be on your way to an unforgettable internship experience that will give you an edge in your career! 1. Fill out the application form so we can learn more about your interests, career goals, education and professional background, and your location of choice so we can provide you the best information to fit your needs. 2. Schedule an appointment to speak with a Program Consultant by phone or Skype to discuss program details and your internships objectives 3. Once you speak with a consultant and confirm that you are a good candidate for the program, we will invite you to submit part 2, where you can upload a resume, cover letter, goals and objectives. Deadlines Note: Spaces in the Global Experiences programs are often limited and applications are considered on a rolling basis. Applications are assessed as they arrive and programs are filled accordingly. Programs are competitive and the best placements typically go to most qualified (and earliest) applicants.