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ROOSTERGNN is a Non-profit news agency that promotes freedom of expression and independent journalism. We are always looking for talented, young individuals for internship positions. (

So, you want to be a journalist? Now is your chance. Apply Now for extra-curricular, virtual journalism internships at the following Channels and/or DECAS.


Choose the one that you like most and start getting access to press passes for local events! RGNN CHANNELS. • RGNN Gobernanza Channel. The dynamics of modern society. Politics & EcoNomy. Local. National. International. Markets. Companies. Stock Exchange. Real Estate. Jobs. Opinion. Illustrations. Cartoons. • RGNN InNovation Channel. The most important inventions, from the creation of the wheel to the BlackBerry Passport. Science. TechNology. Start-Ups. Gadgets. Apps. • RGNN Espectaculart Channel. Because life is espectaculart. Culture. Art. Exhibitions. Literature. Cinema. Films. Movies. Theatre. Dance. Music. Concerts. Architecture. Television. Series. Videogames. • RGNN Glamour Channel. A homage to Coco Chanel – and all the other glamorous people. Life. Style. Fashion. Trends. Celebrities. People. GastroNomy. Cooking. Recipes. Health. Fitness. Luxury Travel. Home. Interior Decor. Digital Life. Social Media. • RGNN Olympus Channel. Sports, pro style. Sports. Soccer. Football. Basketball. Tennis. Cycling. Formula 1. Golf. New talents. Athletes. And all the other sports in the world. RGNN DECAS. DECA GapBrave. Travel writing and photography. DECA GapBrave is accepting articles from all over the world. DECA MADbudget. Travel writing and photography. DECA MADbudget is accepting articles about Madrid, Spain. DECA New York. Travel writing and photography. DECA New York is accepting articles about New York City. During the virtual internship, students are given complete autoNomy, allowing them to collaborate individually or in a group, in coordination with other journalists.


For the internship, students choose a Channel (Gobernanza, InNovation, Espectaculart, Glamour or Olympus), or a DECA (GapBrave, MADbudget or New York). The virtual internships last six (6) months, during which students commit to: 1. Publish one (1) article per week in English or Spanish in the selected Channel and DECA. To help students in writing their articles, ROOSTERGNN has put together a list of Topics of Interest. 2. By the end of the internship, reach a minimum of one hundred (100) unique visitors on your published articles. ROOSTERGNN will provide Google Analytics reports. 3. To increase their number of visitors, it is required that students share content on social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.). Once the student has met the weekly deadlines for articles for one month, he or she can obtain access to press passes to cover local events. At the end of the internship, students graduate with a portfolio of published work and can obtain a Certification that will serve as a recommendation of the merits achieved during the internship. When applying, please select one Channel (Gobernanza, InNovation, Espectaculart, Glamour or Olympus) or one DECA (GapBrave, MADbudget or New York). In your application, please include three (3) ideas for articles, based on the Topics of Interest suggested by ROOSTERGNN.