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African American Cyber Report African American Cyber Report

Location Virtual
Start Date 7/30/2015
End Date 12/31/15
Application Deadline 7/15/15
Part Time
Part Time
Full Time
Full Time
Pay Rate
Contact Information [email protected]


Description: The news reporting interns will be called upon to provide a minimum of one newsworthy story per week of his or her choosing. News interns will be expected have a powerful interest in all things Internet related with a focus on the African-American Internet user and techNology issues affecting black people. Interns will also have a five minute segment on the AACR online streaming media program. Broadcast students are encouraged to apply.

The internship finale will be to host the hour long AACR streaming media program with the a guest and topic of your choosing.

Benefits – Though this is an unpaid internship there are excellent benefits for the right candidates.
• Each intern will receive their own by-line and image.
• They will be allowed to link their by-line with their personal website or social media account or other website with management approval.
• All work submitted by interns has the potential to be posted across numerous websites serving African-American interests thus increasing their exposure.
• Time constraints are minimal. Meetings are Normally bi-weekly.
• Interns are permitted to work on stories and topics of their choice in order to display their strengths to future employers. Submitted work must meet AACR requirements and general journalism guidelines.
• The internship is indefinite in duration or can be terminated at the will of AACR management. But once completed selected interns will receive a full letter of appreciation and recommendation from the AACR management.

About the African American Cyber Report – The AACR is the emerging leader providing vital news, information and analysis about the Internet, electronic communications and e-commerce to black people. Our mission is to enhance the level of kNowledge and security for black people who access the Internet. It is our goal to alert people of color about the numerous hazards and dangers of the cyber space. This includes viruses and other malware, changes in the law, scams, hoaxes and information thefts of all kinds.


Journalist Required Qualifications: • At least a junior level journalism major with an interest in both written media and radio news reporting. • A solid grasp of the Associated Press Stylebook and excellent writing and editing skills. • Strong interest in African-American community issues. • A sense of news relevance and importance. • Basic understanding of how the Internet works There is No requirement for any technical expertise. A simple understanding of the Internet and how it works is sufficient. But you must be able to understand and relate the news and information in a news story or blog style. Social Media Intern Qualifications Required Qualifications: • Strong kNowledge of what social media is and how it can be used to advance topics and brands. • KNowledge of social media outlets and which are most effective and useful. • Good writing skills and ability to writing compelling Twitter posts. • Solid understanding of African-American social media use and news sources.


Journalism interns will be required to provide interesting and relevant news stories focused on the Internet for an African-American audience. At least one article a week is expected. The intern should be able to understand and explain the impact of the information on black Internet users. They must answer the question, "What does that mean to black people" The intern must be prepared to speak on live streaming radio about the topic. The Intern is expected to contribute ideas for stories ad articles and be willing to carry out the assignment. Each Internet will given repeated opportunities to present live or recorded interviews on topics of their choice that are within the guidelines. Each journalism Intern will be expected to complete a full one hour online radio program with a guest and topic of their choice. How to apply: Interested candidates should submit a resume, a writing sample or published article and/or a letter of interest, a letter of recommendation from a journalism instructor. Submit all documents to: [email protected] Subject line- Internship Include writing samples and other documents in the body of the email. No LINKS! No ATTACHMENTS!