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Contact Information [email protected] GameSkinny 7204 Glen Forest Dr., Suite 206 Richmond, VA 23226


This is a virtual internship that qualifies as a college internship for credit.

GameSkinny is a collaborative publishing platform that allows aspiring and established writers, editors, and curators to interact seamlessly, crafting great content about subjects of mutual interest. GameSkinny's platform will enable you to express your kNowledge and opinions through high quality content and grow your audience.

These days, publishing great content online is Not hard.. being heard is!

There is so much content online Now that personal blogs, YouTube videos, in-depth forum posts.. they're getting lost, overlooked, drowned out.

We think that's lame.

So, we built a place for intelligent folks like you to have your opinion heard, shared, discovered and discussed. We believe in giving gamers a space, and we've already had great success with Gamer Launch, where guilds and gaming groups can create their own websites, so....

We created GameSkinny.

A publishing platform built from the ground up that does a few very specific things, and does them very well:

-Gives you a place to create a games writing portfolio
-Gives great content exposure to an established audience
-Gives serious contributors a chance to improve their skills through on-site info, tutorials, and interaction with GameSkinny Editors
-Rewards top writers with real, actual money through our Bounty program.
-Write about video games, build your audience, and be as rad as you can be.

So there ya have it. It's that simple. Give GameSkinny a try. We think you'll like it.

College students may use the JTP (Journalism Training Program) as an internship for credit and the program is suitable for listing as professional experience on a resume. Please Note that the JTP is Not a paid program and is 100% remote work.

-A professional referral from the editor in charge of the Journalist Training Program for use on resumes and job applications.
-The Journalist Training Program qualifies as a college internship for credit. Please indicate your intent to complete the program for credit during your application so we can help you work with your college advisor.
-The option to apply for a leadership role in the Journalist Training Program in order to earn managerial experience.
-Consideration for current openings at GameSkinny when applicable.
-Earn money for views with our new GameSkinny Bounty Program.

Available year-round.


-All applicants are required to fill out an application survey. Survey is at the bottom of the page and choose what session you are applying for. -15-20 hour time commitment each week for 9 weeks -A positive attitude -An understanding and love of the Oxford comma (We kid... mostly. The Oxford comma is pretty awesome!) -Strong written communication skills -The ability to self motivate and work independently & remotely -A drive to improve your own abilities


-Write 5 articles per week -Meet deadlines -Help generate interesting and engaging content ideas -Interact with the community -Work with and encourage other interns -Distribute content and help build our (and thus your) audience -Communicate with editors and learn how to effectively listen to feedback -Be a part of the GameSkinny team! -Don't be a jerk - professionalism is one of the skills you are required to learn and practice in this program