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Get in on the ground floor of a hot new startup in the sharing ecoNomy. This travel industry firm plan to change the world of tourism like AirBnB has changed the travel accommodations market and Uber has changed the car and limousine service.

Who we are: An online community where passionate local guides connect with travelers to provide them with a fully customized travel experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional tour operators. Our website is

What we do: We believe that we can change the way people travel. By connecting kNowledgeable locals with tourists interested in more than the standard package the outcomes will be a better experience for both tour guide and tourist. The tourist will enjoy a greater understanding and appreciation of the country and its culture. This can change people’s perception and ultimately affect their lives positively.

The tourlancers are passionate individuals who kNow and love places where they live and Tourlancer’s business model will enable them to improve their ecoNomic circumstances.

We also want to provide an opportunity for the unemployed or underemployed to find a purpose Tourlancer Academy aims to provide tour guide training and certification that will enable jobseekers to: hone their skills; create unique tours; and generate a living wage; while having the fun and satisfaction of working in this exciting industry.

Available year-round


We are looking for intern to: - create stories for our training portal; - help manage our blog content, social media as well as write content for our partner media; The perfect candidate must be highly motivated, love to write and have an interest in either journalism or communications. You must be a leader and take on content for our site, be creative and come up with great new ideas and work well with the rest of our team.


This is an opportunity for you to work alongside our great team. Intern projects will include high level assignments with direct impact on results. This is a great opportunity to work with a start-up and learn all aspects of building a business. Responsibilities will include: - Using creativity and imagination to conduct interviews, shoot video (if needed), produce and report on assigned stories and events on a weekly basis. Will primarily work alone to report, shoot and edit stories. - Being proficient in photojournalism and video editing techniques is a plus. - Creating stories which are factually accurate and balanced in content, and written in a clear and concise manner. - Obtaining news information by developing sources and using research and interviewing skills. - Conducting live or taped on-camera interviews. - Dealing professionally with public, both official and Non-official, in gathering and reporting news. - Focusing on interviewing tour guides who have developed their own startups in providing tours. - Meeting all assigned production deadlines. - Contributing ideas for travel stories. - Willing to work remote under flexible hours. How to apply: Please email your resume to: [email protected] Compensation: The Internship is Non-paid, however, we are a young company and we will be offering you the intern position with the hope that you will become a valued, future staff member. You will obtain startup experience with references and contacts which you may take with you if you decide to seek other opportunities. This internship is partially virtual, which means communication and collaboration will take place through email, audio/video chat, and phone. Internship must be through a University program, which accepts credit for internships.