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Location Chicago, IL
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CUSP Magazine is a Chicago based website that focuses on helping creatives gain exposure through interviews, events and more. Our mindset is Creatives Helping Creatives. Our goal of this internship is to give creatives that we work with a platform to showcase their talents to the world.

CUSP combines traditional writing with high quality photo, video and audio content that will for a multilevel experience for the entity as well as the intern.

The Role of the Intern is to articulate the message of the company as well as the entities we are highlighting in a very unique and interesting way.

The Writer position is a learning experience rooted in real time work situations. This position is designed for someone aspiring for a hands on internship, that gives them a chance to work directly in their field at a internship level. Our company is growing by the day, and we are looking for driven, intelligent and independent individuals who are looking for a chance to work directly in the field they are interested in.

Available year-round.


Drive Determination Willingness to Lead as well as Follow AP Style Writing KNowledge of creative culture of Chicago Skills Required - Journalism, Blogging, Academic Writing, Article Creation, Article Writing Preferred - Social Media Blogging, Social Media Communications


Will be discussed in initial phone interview